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All in One Waring Pro Toaster Oven

Waring-Pro Toaster Oven

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night snacks… There’s nothing the Waring Pro Toaster Oven can’t tackle when it comes to your meals or culinary cravings. If you’ve never owned a toaster oven, or you’ve been looking for one to suit your fancy as a kitchen counter necessity, your search is over. The Waring Pro will accommodate any basic cooking requirement you have- from steaks or chops, to chicken wings, brownies, pizza, simple toast, or even cakes, this toaster oven can do it all.

The Look

With a brushed stainless steel or black housing finish, three control knobs, a tempered glass door, and a myriad of cooking functions, the Waring Pro Toaster Oven not only does the job when you need it to, it also looks great doing it. You’ll want to show off the aesthetics of this piece on your counter every day instead of hiding it away in a cabinet or closet. Guests will marvel at this efficient yet stylish appliance! And its size ensures that while your toaster oven can handle large or complicated jobs, it’s not overwhelming or too much of a space hog in your kitchen.

Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven

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The Job

When it comes to taking care of your cooking and baking needs, the Waring Pro Toaster Oven is competent and capable. With 1500 watts of power and a maximum temperature of 450 degrees, this toaster oven can handle the simplest or most complicated cooking task. A bake tray, wire rack, and crumb tray are included, as well as two rack positions and three heating options- bake, broil, or toast. The Waring Pro Toaster Oven has .45 cubic feet of space, and can hold everything from 4 slices of toast for your breakfast or sandwich, to an entire chicken for your scrumptious roast dinner entrée.

The browning control on the toaster function ensures your bread comes out perfectly for you every time. A glass door allows you to take in the sight of your heavenly cookies baking, while the 60-minute timer with gentle chime tells you when they’re finished to your liking.  Finally, the auto-shutoff takes the worry out of forgetting something cooking away in your oven.

The Cleanup

Ease of use and simple cleanup are the name of the game for this toaster oven. The bake tray and wire rack can be handily removed for quick cleaning or scrubbing, and the brushed stainless steel interior can be effortlessly wiped clean after each use. The crumb tray makes for easy removal of anything that falls into it while your delectable goodies are heating up in the oven. The stainless steel or black housing exterior are easy as pie to keep in immaculate condition for years to come. At just 13 lbs., the Waring Pro Toaster Oven can be readily moved to another location, or shifted for the swift removal of debris from under the bottom of the machine.

The Answer

In today’s day and age, creating tasty meals for ourselves, our families, or our loved ones is not always an easy task. Tight schedules, nonstop work or school, and limited free time mean that often our sustenance is grabbed along the way during our busy day! (Or, just as often, we don’t remember to eat at all!) The Waring Pro Toaster Oven brings the pleasure back into cooking, and protects and respects your family’s right to home-cooked, savory meals even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your all-in-one answer to concocting the most enticing fare when time is of the essence? The Waring Pro Toaster Oven. It’s there for you.