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Waffle Maker vs Sandwich Maker

Waffle Maker vs Sandwich Maker

Both waffle maker and sandwich maker are kitchen appliances. Just as their names suggest, they produce waffle and sandwich respectively. With that in mind, as a consumer you should arm yourself with information about the two appliances, which can help you choose the right appliance for the right purpose. For example, you should know the types of waffle and sandwich   makers in the market, the features they hold, the main differences between them, purchase considerations to make, and maintenance practices to observe on each of them.

What is a waffle maker?

A waffle maker is an electric-powered culinary appliance for producing light and fluffy waffles at home. With American-style appliance, you can make the conventional square, thin waffles. A Belgian-style appliance produces light, crispy-textured thicker waffles.

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Types of waffle makers

There are three main types of waffle makers:

Belgian: this type of waffle maker is suitable for making thick waffles with deep furrows. It mainly creates a single large round waffle that you can divide into two or four pieces.

Standard: usually known as the American-style, this model produces thin waffles with shallow grooves. The appliance can produce four waffles at once, making it ideal for large quantities.

Waffle pancake pans: this type of waffle maker has grids that enable it to cook on a stovetop. It produces pancakes with a waffle-like texture. It’s suitable where storage space is an issue, as the pan is easier to store.

Purchase considerations

Before buying a waffle maker, consider the variety of waffles you want to make. Choose a waffle maker that fits your requirements. For instance, a standard maker is ideal for making plain waffles. However, if you want to test different recipes, buy a maker with features to control temperature and color.

What is a sandwich maker?

Almost similar to a waffle maker, a sandwich maker is an electric-powered appliance for producing a quick snack. If you are looking for a suitable solution for quick breakfast snacks, intend to replace your traditional cooking methods, or you want to save time and energy, then a sandwich maker is the best friend.

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How does it work?

A sandwich maker has a metal coil that produces infrared radiation to heat snacks. When the radiation dries up, it burns the surface of the slice of bread, making a toast. The appliance has setting controls to regulate the amount of heat to give you the browning color of your choice.

There are two types of sandwich makers:

Panini press:  this model can prepare a variety of sandwiches. It functions more like a grill but can serve a toaster or a griddle as well. It is ideal for quick snacks like pancakes, kebabs, or burgers.


It’s the most common in many households. It has a closedown handle, which makes it ideal for producing grilled cheese sandwiches.

When shopping for a sandwich maker, consider must-have features such as multi-plated shelves, alert system, non-stick surface, removable plates, and  high-power. It is also advisable to study the user’s manual carefully to know the recommended maintenance practices.