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Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto Flip Side Waffle Maker

The Presto FlipSide Belgian Maker makes not only thick waffles but crispy waffles as well. This waffle maker is not like every other waffle maker, because the waffles made by this maker are thicker than normal. This waffle maker is able to rotate so that the waffles come out even and fully cooked. This waffle maker is able to make more than one batch of waffles at one time, and still keep each waffle as thick and fluffy as the last.


This Presto Belgian Waffle Maker is seven inches in diameter. This waffle maker comes in the color style black with a stainless steel outside. This waffle maker has a professional rotating style that provides baking the batter evenly. This waffle maker rotates exactly 180 degrees. The inside of this waffle maker is easy to wipe out, and does not allow for any batter to stick to the inside. The maker has a locking mechanism so that when the maker is rotated the top will not open up spilling the batter. The maker has a specific pattern of four different sections, so that the waffle is easy to cut after it is baked. This waffle maker comes with a timer that provides a countdown for when the waffle is done baking. The display is digital and includes a signal for the timer on the maker.

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Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

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The waffle maker is easy to clean, but the grill is not removable. The maker does not need soap and water to clean, just a dry paper towel to wipe the inside out. This waffle maker is small enough that it can be stored away, and does not need a lot of room. This waffle maker makes waffles that are thicker than other types of waffle makers. When using the timer on this maker, when the timer reaches zero a “ding” sound will be made. Any type of waffle mix can be used with this type of maker. The outside of this maker does not come into contact with the countertop, so no burns or scorches need to be worried about.


This waffle maker does not have an adjustable temperature gage. Only waffles can be made in this maker. Different types of waffles can be made, but nothing other than waffles can be made. This type of waffle maker only works in the Uniter States, and not in other countries. The voltage is not high enough to use in other countries. A non-stick spray needs to be used on the waffle maker when in use, or the waffles will end up sticking to one side. This waffle maker uses a power cord, but the timer on this maker uses batteries.


This waffle maker has proven to be a good waffle maker, making delicious waffles. There have been some cons to this waffle maker, but it has proven to be a good maker all in all. With having easy storage, when put away, this maker has been proven to be safe and not heat up the counter tops. When stored away, this waffle make will sit in an upright position and will remain locked as well.