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Kenmore Elite Infrared Convection Toaster Oven Review

Kenmore Elite Infrared Convection Toaster Oven

Have you heard of the Kenmore Elite Infrared Convection Toaster Oven?  If you are thinking about buying a convection oven let’s explore together why you may consider purchasing this oven.

Many people are now living in small spaces and doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint

Have you seen the new trend in the market where many people are choosing to live in much smaller spaces to save money and reduce their carbon footprint?

These homes are very specifically designed to leave the person or family living there feel very comfortable with the conveniences of a normal home.  The thought that goes into the interior design considers every inch of space.  It is always great when they find dual purposes for the furniture they use or appliances they have in their kitchens.

The functionality of the kitchen is a big piece of these very small spaces.  This is where the Kenmore Elite Infrared Convection Toaster Oven would be a perfect choice for an appliance.  Instead of having a conventional stove and oven in this space which is much to large, this oven fits nicely into a small space with dimensions of 19″ W x 11″ H x 15″ D.


Kenmore Elite Digital Countertop Convection Oven – unavailable currently

This Kenmore appliance also uses less energy for cooking than normal conventional ovens thereby reducing the owners carbon footprint.

Many countries also have a large population of seniors who are also living on their own in small apartment buildings and do not cook big meals for themselves on a regular basis.  These senior citizens will find this oven to be wonderful to have in their very small kitchen.  With the automatic shut off it also provides a sense of relief to the families.

Great buy for busy people on the go who care about the food they eat

The infrared technology in this Kenmore product provides the convenience of having your food cooked faster, while still getting the beautiful browning effect on the food you prepare.  Using quartz technology, you will also find the foods you eat true to the taste you have come to expect.

If you are looking for a quick hot sandwich, the broil insert melts that cheese perfect every time. The 1800-watt technology helps to heat the oven quicker saving energy and time when your schedule is demanding you get your food cooked fast.

It can be used to cook frozen foods, warm up leftovers (saving you money), or baking your favorite cookies or pies.  You can fit a 12” pizza perfect and even comes with a ceramic pizza stone, leaving a great crispy crust to enjoy.  You can cook up to six pieces of bread at one time great for serving guests for breakfast.

This oven is great for those busy people who don’t want to eat out all the time and want to have a quick home made meal warmed up just like having an oven.

Easy to use and even easier to care for

It can act as a convection oven when cooking items like chicken and with the simple push of a button can be changed to infrared cooking so you can get the meal cooked quickly and still have beautifully browned foods.

The large glass window and bright lighting make it easy to see your food cooking so you make food perfect every time.

It is easy to operate for anyone who has never had an oven before and the LCD lighting makes it easy to read the displays.

Crumb tray, pan and racks that can all be easily removed, making it easy to clean

Check out the warranty

Along with all the other features this oven also comes with a five-year warranty and the stain less steel exterior will ehance the look of  any kitchen.

Why not consider this Kenmore product for yourself or gift it, to someone you love?

Alternative: Oster Large TSSTTVMNDG


Check the price on

The Kenmore Elite Infrared Convection Toaster Oven is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The Oster Large TSSTTVMNDG is what you can say should be the standard toaster oven for buyers to have. It’s your best choice in the mid-range pricing category of convection toaster ovens and delivers countless features, including its countdown timer, toast shade selector, and preset cooking functions for the ride shade of toast made to perfect within the time you need it.