Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Toaster Oven

The Set and Forget by Hamilton Beach is a flexible toaster oven that has all the functionality that you would expect from a convection oven and all the convenience and ease of a toaster oven. With the Set and Forget, cooking is available to you if you do not have a full kitchen. It has never been easier to get the perfect results every time. Here are some of the features that make this the best toaster oven an easy, customizable and empowering way to cook whatever may be what you are craving.

Simple Programable Controls

The digital touchpad rests on the right side of the oven. It creates a smart and easy way to cook your food with various options. It is customizable if you need it but has automatic settings for ultra-fast start time. Toast, bake, convection, broil, and warm settings are all a touch away. Or just set the time and temperature for your dish and rest assured that your food will get to the perfect temperature fast and efficiently. The perfect temperature is simple and consistent with the Set and Forget.

Attached Probe for Perfect Temperature

Resting inside the unit is the attached probe. It has a home so that you will never be without it when cooking. Using the probe allows you to know the temperature at any time when the food is cooking. This way the oven knows when to heat up, when to cool down and when the dish is done. You will never over or under cook with the probe by our side. When the dish is finished, the oven will automatically go into warm mode so that you can eat when you are ready.

Intelligent Modes

With an array of options for cooking methods, all of your cooking needs are covered in the Set ad Forget. In convection mode, the oven cooks quicker by circulating heated air evenly throughout the unit. When the probe shows that the food is cooked, the oven will automatically go into warm mode so that the oven stays the right temperature. Any other mode offers this functionality and is customizable so that you do not have to worry. Your food will be cooked fast and effectively your way.

Spacious Interior

The small unit holds a surprising amount of food. Whether it is a 7-pound chicken, a 4-pound roast, a 12-inch pizza or 6 pieces of toast, they all will fit easily into the Set and Forget. The light walled interior makes observing the food clear and easy. When finished, cleaning is simple. The tray comes out without issue and the nonstick interior holds no residue. There is also a slide out crumb tray that will help keep it clean all the time.

The Hamilton Beach Set and Forget Toaster Oven is a smart and simple toaster oven that is versatile for everyone. It cooks food perfectly and works well, allowing you to relax and trust that your food is going to come out the way you want. It also comes with a variety of accessories for whatever you may be cooking. It comes with a baking pan, and a broil rack so you have the flexibility that you need. With all the modes to cook, the probe to help you reach the right temperature and the ease of using this oven, you will be able to make what you want in the way that you want it. Start cooking with the Set and Forget and you will be able to focus less on the meal and more on the ones you eat your meals with.