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Black and Decker Space Maker Toaster Oven

Black & Decker TROS1000D SpaceMaker

The Space Maker Toaster Oven is made by the Black and Decker company. Unlike many toaster ovens that are stored on the counter, this toaster oven is installed under the cabinet. This appliance can come in stainless steel or in the color black. This appliance does come with a crumb tray that can be easily removed.

Space Saver

The Black and Decker Space Maker Toaster Oven is a toaster over made for under the cabinet. This Space Maker includes a mounting template and instructions on how to mount this appliance. Installing this appliance under the cabinet has been made to be easy and in depth instructions. This space maker does not take up much area at all, and none on the counter. This appliance does not have to be mounted under the cabinet, it can be stored right on the counter.


Black and Decker Space Maker Toaster Oven – unavailable currently


Black and Decker 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

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The Black and Decker Space Maker Toaster Oven is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The Black and Decker 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven is a lot cheaper and can make toast just as fast as in an actual toaster.

Control Panel

This space saver includes a digital control panel. Along with the digital control panel there are buttons to turn the toaster over on and off, along with the pre-programmed functions. The three main functions on this toaster oven are for baking, toasting or keeping food warm. There are buttons to increase the temperature as well as decreasing the temperature. Temperature ranges from 200 degrees to 400 degrees. When toasting food, there are seven types of settings for how light or dark to toast the food. There is a 30 minute timer included on this appliance. This timer can be used for cooking food within this appliance, or as a regular kitchen timer.

Power Cord

When this appliance is plugged in there is a “save the plug outlet”. This allows for other appliances to be plugged in at the same time at this toaster oven. When this appliance is unplugged, there is a storage area for the power cord. This way the cord is not in the way when it is either plugged in or not.


A few downsides to this appliance pertains to the control panel. If the digital control panel stops working then the display for the temperature will not be shown. Another downside is that this appliance does not have a broil option. Food that needs to be broiled would have to be cooked on a high temperature for a long period of time. When food is cooked like that it may still not come out completely cooked.


This Black and Decker Space Maker Digital Toaster Oven is a good appliance for any person. This appliance is perfect for an apartment due to it can be mounted underneath the cabinet, or stored on the counter. This toaster oven comes in a stainless steel, so it can match other appliances. It is not best to mount this appliance directly above a stove or store it next to an oven. Because this appliance has a digital display, the display and control panel can become short circuited from the increased heat.