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Best Value Espresso Machine

Best Value Espresso Machine

I always like my espresso hot, sweet, smooth and pungent.

The winter season makes me crave for it every day at work and home.

Having a cup of naturally made espresso isn’t a feeling but an experience I can’t resist having again and again.

I can’t deny how I always wish to have my espresso machine to satisfy my undying desire for coffee.

Getting coffee beans, sugar, and water isn’t a problem.

The challenge is how to get the durable espresso machine that would serve me as long as my espresso thirst exists.

There are many options on available espresso machines in the market. Am a perfectionist and going for the best is a must achieve the objective.

Other than being a perfectionist, being classic and that goes without saying that the machine of my choice should offer quality espresso, be durable, and classy.

On my research, I found the following products that met my criteria for a valuable espresso machine.

SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia – unavailable currently

With the cool features integrated into the machine, it’s where the technology meets your espresso needs.

With the Phillips Intellia, you get to choose what you want to take from cappuccino, café crème, and latte macchiato.

Isn’t this amazing?

The espresso is integrated with a milk jug and mid-sized frothier giving you a choice to make your favorite variety of coffee drink.

The espresso is fitted with a display screen for an easier user interface, and every coffee lover can freely operate it without seeking technical assistance.

The one touchscreen commands are easy to use, and the response is fast. The machine is fully automatic.

You don’t have to lift or control anything. Just relax and let your coffee boil.

Coffee energizes and uplifts your moods but not to do the mechanical maintenance and disposing the waste product from the machine.

The machine is designed to run an auto-clean and self-maintenance process.

The espresso machine is fitted with a grinder that does the manual grinding of the beans to produce the best quality.

The machine grinds the coffee beans to give the finest coffee quality.

It’s a busy world, and the device developers know it. The machine has a quick heat boiler that ensures you don’t wait for the next cup to take forever.

The machine is corrosion proof as it is designed to withhold the moisture and any water leak from corroding its parts.

The machine is fitted with removable parts that allow you to remove and wash them then incorporate them back easily.

A valuable item comes at a cost. If the machine fits your description of a good espresso machine, it’s better to be prepared to part with some cash.

People say cheap is expensive, but for this machine, I bet to differ and say, the value is expensive.

From the tests and the Amazon reviews, there is a bit of concern when it comes to the flow of the coffee beans through the grinder.

This makes the coffee produced to have different concentration, but it never goes beyond what you expect from a good addictive coffee.

If you need more coffee, just remove the plastic shaker and let your desired quantity pass then replace it.

Alternative: The Krups Espresseria

Check the price on

The SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The Krups Espresseria has a bean reservoir, built-in burr grinder, and twin spouts to output the final product.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

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If getting involved in producing what you love is one of your ambitions, Breville Barista then is for you.

The machine is programmed to operate with both manual and automatic settings leaving the choice of individual involvement to the user.

With the advanced integrated conical burr grinder, everything that comes out is one time freshly processed coffee from the one time fully ground coffee beans.

The design places the gauge in front for the user to see when the desired extraction pressure reaches the limit you want.

It’s easy to operate, and the 360-degree action steam wand together with the built-in tamper makes the coffee puck decent and perfectly packed after being produced.

The exemplary and adorable feature which other espresso machines don’t have is the compartment hidden under the drip tray which functions as a store for extra filters as well as cleaning accessories.

If hygiene is your priority (which is a priority to many coffee lovers), here is your best fit.

On the right side of the pressure gauge is a led light to warn the user when the machine requires a cleanup.

The machine lacks a display screen, but if you prefer the taste to technological advancements, you don’t need to look anymore.

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine

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If the joy and the happiness of making your coffee give you pride, Nespresso coffee maker may be the right espresso machine for you.

The machine is designed with a simple user interface and allows you to be the chief chef in making your own coffee.

Though its water container and coffee capsules are mechanically removed, you can always expect quality coffee whenever you crave for a cup of well blend coffee.

The simplicity in design does not compromise its ability to produce quality coffee as its system is build to meet your set standards of a thrilling espresso.

The durability of this machine is for a lifetime, and you can grow old still making your coffee with it.

It has chrome parts to protect it from rusting from continued contact with water and coffee spills.

The machine has received many positive reviews from its tendency of maintaining consistency in producing quality coffee.

If you have a middle-sized outlet selling coffee and you want to keep your customers coming back for another cup, Nespresso machine is right for you.

It has a large water holding container and saves you time as you need to fill it once, and you are ready to go.

The machine is available in different colors and choosing the color that matches your décor isn’t a problem.

Consistency and quality remain the ultimate goal of this device. The fact that you have to use the particular model’s coffee capsule is a bit of a set back to the users, but when change is necessary, they are easily found on the market.

KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Maker


Check the price on

If coffee satisfaction is your crave and your pocket doesn’t allow you to purchase an expensive espresso machine, Krups steam espresso saves the day.

Krups Steam Espresso maker is fitted with a frothing nozzle for your cappuccino cravings.

The simply designed electric espresso gives the user the best option when it comes to cost.

The Krups espresso machine is fitted with a strategically placed simple knob which allows you to change from brewing to steam.

The small space occupied by the machine and low-cost perfectly fits most students’ description of a useful espresso machine.

The Krups espresso machine may lack style but will never lack quality and efficiency.

Final Verdict

Various companies have produced different machines with the aim of fulfilling the consumers’ demands based on taste and preference, you only need to pick the best out of the rest.