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Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The KRUPS EA9010 Barista One Touch espresso machine is ideal for people who love their caffeine and want it fast. I think this is by far the option for a fully automatic espresso machine.

The machine is made by a quality company known as KRUPS. Their first mission is to bring you quality coffee and espresso technology so that you can have your caffeinated beverages quickly in a fast-paced life.

KRUPS EA9010 Barista One Touch

Check the price on

Check the price on

The espresso maker itself features an LCD interface with 2-step frothing technology and 17 recipes that are readily available at your fingertips.

The device also features a built-in coffee grinder for added speed and efficiency when you are making your morning coffee.

This machine has many amazing quality features that are built to help you get started with your day in a pleasant yet efficient manner.

It has so many features that prove its dominance as one of the best and most-loved coffee makers on the market, and that is why I am here telling you about it.

Compact, so that you can save space and hassle!

The device is built to be efficiently sized and compact so you can fit it on your kitchen counter with little to no trouble.

You will not have to clean out space on your already packed counters with this little guy. It fits snugly into any nook or cranny that you may have available.

There is no need to buy an oversized and clunky coffee maker that takes up so much room that you find yourself wondering if it is even worth owning.

KRUPS wants you to have an efficient and quality experience with their devices, and this machine takes that goal of quality to another level.

Fully automatic, so you can go along with your day!

There is no need to fret when you wake up late if this machine is sitting out in your kitchen.

It is entirely automatic with a built-in temperature control system and a grinder allowing for a quick and smooth cup of coffee.

It also features a high-pressure pump for getting that glorious coffee into your cup faster.

Additionally, it features custom drink profiles, so your coffee maker will know what you want to drink before you even tell it.

There is virtually no downside to this incredible coffee maker. It will keep your mug full and your morning efficient.

The only reason not to like it is if you do not enjoy coffee! It is by far the best and most efficient automatic espresso maker on the market, and you are sure to love it.

However, if you are still not sold, scroll down to see some honorable mentions that almost took the Krups EA9010’s spot on this list.

KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria

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Perhaps you are looking for something a bit bigger than the KRUPS EA9010.

Maybe you have to make coffee for a few more people than just yourself every morning.

If that is the case, then the KRUPS EA8250 is the machine for you. It shares many features with the EA9010.

However, it is larger, the built-in grinder can hold many more beans, and it can grind a far more significant amount of coffee than the 9010.

It also has two buying options which give it a bit more flexibility than its cousin. You can buy it with or without an integrated frothing pitcher.

This is a nice choice to be able to have when purchasing. The downside of this device is its LCD interface and the fact that it is nowhere near as advanced as the 9010’s.

It features a more simplified analog-like interface. This could be looked at as a positive if you are into simplicity.

KRUPS EA8808 2-IN-1 Touch

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Another reason you may not be so into the amazing device that is the KRUPS EA9010 is that you are not only into espresso, but you are into cappuccinos as well.

The KRUPS EA8808 has you covered there! This fully automatic espresso machine also doubles as a cappuccino maker and can serve the purposes of many different kinds of coffee drinkers.

It features a bean container as well as an integrated burr grinder just like the 9010 and 8250, but it also has far more versatility than those two.

The downside to this device is that it is a bit larger than the previous two and therefore it is bound to take up more of that precious counter space.

If versatility while making your morning beverages is your thing, this is an excellent choice.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

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Perhaps the advanced interfaces and the complex technical details for the KRUPS devices is just a bit too much for you.

If this is the case, then I recommend going with a simpler option such as the DeLonghi ESAM3300.

Delonghi is a trusted company in the world of kitchen appliances, and the build of this particular model is far more straightforward than those featured by KRUPS.

It focuses on dials and buttons rather than LCD interfaces. It features an easy-to-use rotary button control panel, and overall it runs with much simpler specifications.

It serves the same purpose as the other devices that have been mentioned, but it lacks the complexity.

The downside is that with a lack of complexity comes a lack of performance. This is a reliable device.

However, it does not perform quite as well as the KRUPS devices that have already been mentioned, and it lacks a bit of the power.

It also lacks the available features that are so prominent on the KRUPS espresso makers. Whatever the case, it is a solid device if you value simplicity.


The KRUPS EA9010 is one of the best options on the market for your coffee needs.

It has a lot of quality features that allows it to stand out in a sea of so many similar devices.

It is a reliable option with a long lifetime and excellent durability. You can be sure that if you invest in this machine, you will getting the absolute best for what you paid.