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Best Rated Food Processors – Reviews of Top Picks in 2020

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you are aware of how long it takes to chop, dice, slice and blend each ingredient that makes up your signature dishes. Having high-quality cooking tools and equipment makes the effort of preparing meals much more enjoyable and time efficient. Here is a detailed review of the best food processors on the market, which you should use to find out what product will work best in your kitchen space.

Best Value: Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Pro

You may not have graduated from a culinary school, but the Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Professional food processor will help turn ordinary meals into masterpieces.

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Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Professional food processor

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This kitchen goes further than the standard food processor because it has numerous settings that enable you to complete tasks such as knead dough and even shred meat.

You can prep up to 14 cups of food at once, so there’s no need to slice and dice dry ingredients in batches since you can do it all at once. If you choose to prep liquids, up to eight cups of fluids can fit into this product.

There’s a five-year warranty that covers all parts and it included an easy to read the instruction manual that will teach you how to set up, use, clean and store your processor easily.

All parts can be cleaned in your dishwasher, which is made of BPA free plastics so you know that your meals will be prepared fast and safely. Once all of your food prep is finished, you can swiftly transfer your freshly prepared ingredients to a baking dish, pot or skillet.

Second Best: KitchenAid 7-Cup

Who wants to spend more time chopping vegetables than they have to? With the KitchenAid 7 Cup food processor, all you have to do is measure, pour and press the right button.

KitchenAid 7 Cup food processor

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Weighing around seven pounds, this standing food mixer has two-speed settings that allow you to choose the exact way that each item is prepped. Use the puree setting to whip up cold soups and fabulous sauces, or diced tomatoes in rapid succession for fresh salsa, pico de gallo, chili or spaghetti sauce.

There are two separate attachments that you can put inside that will slice ingredients in a multitude of ways, or you can use the shredding disc to make slaws, salads and break down meat.

One of the most intriguing features on this product is its detachable slicing attachment that you can use create uniform, evenly cut vegetables each and every time. Anything from whole zucchini to carrots can be fed into the tube attachment at the top of the mixer while you watch it slice them to perfection.

Great for couples and singles that cook daily, you won’t be able to prepare a massive amount of food with this mixer, but you will be able to cook up enough to fill your belly and go back for seconds. This product comes with a one year warranty that covers total product replacement should anything go wrong.

Third Place: Ninja Express Chop

If the Ninja Express Chop sounds familiar, that’s because the Ninja brand makes a range of blenders known for their strength and durability. Now, you can enjoy the same technology when prepping ingredients for dinner, desserts, soups or any meal that you’re currently craving.

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Lightweight, compact and easy to operate, this food processor doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it surely will get the job done. You can grind up nuts, process hard cheeses and create delicious blends of diced vegetables in just seconds. Alternatively, use this mixer to prepare your favorite sauces, healthy juices or smoothies.

Holding up to two cups of food, smaller quantities are ideal but you can also get a larger amount of food prepped by working in batches. Powered with a 200-watt motor, you can mix and chop all day long without worry.

This product’s simplistic design makes it fast and easy to clean up when you’re all finished and ready to start cooking your meal.

You can even prepare food items well ahead of time and then safely store them in the refrigerator with the handy plastic storage lid that comes included. Its one year warranty covers both parts and defects.

Fourth Place: Oster 500-Watt 10-Cup

Have you ever really wanted to make a complex meal but you just don’t have the time needed to get each component prepared. The Oster 500-Watt 10-Cup food processor is a real work of art.

Oster 500-Watt 10-Cup Food Processor

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Its massive 10 cups plastic container is big enough to double as a mixing bowl, so you can add seasonings, stir and set your fully prepped ingredients to the side until you are ready to get to the cooking stage. Slice, chop, emulsify or simply stir things up with this mixer’s two distinct settings and get your meals plans underway. This is the one product you need to cut the time needed to make virtually any meal.

The wide mouth that sits atop this food mixer is extra wide, so you can place larger food items inside with minimum effort. You’ll be delighted when you add flour, water, baking powder and watch a batch of perfectly mixed dough get kneaded and rise on its own.

Make pizza dough or bread with this mixer and discover just how much you love to bake again. At 10 pounds, you can be certain that this product is sturdy and will not easily topple over while you’re working to get various foods prepped in no time at all. Feel confident in your purchase as it comes with a comprehensive one year warranty.

Fifth Place: Cuisinart Pro Custom

You can slave over a hot stove for hours or you can use the Cuisinart Pro Custom food processor to make your meals taste better with no additional effort. Whether you’re an inexperienced cook or just starting to get comfortable in the kitchen, you will thoroughly enjoy the various prep settings, options, and features that come included with this piece of kitchen equipment.

Cuisinart Pro Custom

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Cuisinart is well known in the cooking world for its high-quality products, and this model is a throwback to the very first food processors that first appeared on the market in the 1970s. Once you have used it to prepare your meal ingredients, the only thing left for you do to will be to turn the stove on.

Slice garlic until its paper thin or break down tough starches and meats to make nutritious baby foods. Not only will all of your meals get made faster, but you will also actually have fun performing tasks that used to feel like a chore.

Its generously sized 11 cup container is big enough to make you make banquet sized meals for family, friends and anyone else that wants to stop by. This mixer is covered by a five-year warranty that will help to keep you cooking.

Summing It All Up

The Ninja Express Chop is excellent for prepping smaller meals while the Cuisinart Custom Pro is an essential kitchen tool for large families. If you prefer BPA free products, the Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Professional mixer is a great buy, while the Oster 500-Watt 10-Cup food processor looks good and has tons of features. Lastly, the KitchenAid 7 Cup mixer is small, powerful and looks good in any kitchen. If you have been living off of fast food because you don’t think you have the time necessary for preparing a great meal, try one of these food processors and see how quickly your diet improves.