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Best Under Counter Toaster Oven

Best Under Counter Toaster Oven

The BLACK+DECKER Space Maker Toaster Oven is amongst the rarest toaster ovens that you will ever find. Why do I say it’s rare? It allows you to mount it under any of your cabinets. Included is a mounting template with thorough instructions to make installation a breeze. I have looked around the web everywhere and I can’t find many toaster ovens that were intentionally built to allow you to achieve this.

Sure, you can just place any old toaster oven under a cabinet. The problem with this, though, is unless it was designed to allow it most need extra clearance on the top because of the heat. This is not the case with the Space Maker from BLACK+DECKER. I could honestly just go home now that you know that, right? No, I wouldn’t do that because we’re just getting started!

The Digital Display and Functionality

If the only strong aspect to this toaster oven was it being able to be mounted under a cabinet, then there would be a problem. Thankfully, the TROS1000D Space Maker has much more to offer. Let’s start with the digital display and its functionality. It includes a very easy to see LCD display with multiple touch-button controls. You have simple buttons for turning the oven on and off, and you have three different pre-programmed functions: keep warm, bake and toast.

The keep warm function is very self-explanatory as it will keep your meals warm in the oven. Selecting the toast setting will give you seven different heating options and the bake function will allow you to choose a temperature ranging from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You also have a 30-minute timer that can be adjusted with the click of a button. – unavailable currently

BLACK+DECKER Spacemaker Under-Counter Toaster Oven – unavailable currently

Eloquent Design

I am going to say this right now; this is a beautiful “looking” toaster oven. It’s designed with a stainless steel gray and black coating that looks fantastic. However, the design is more than just visually appealing. The Save-a-Plug outlet is a very special outlet that will allow you to connect other Space Maker appliances to it. The best part? It only uses one outlet so it saves you space.

By now, you are probably wondering how big this oven is. Am I right? To give you the exact dimensions, it measures 9 inches high, 17 inches wide and 13 inches deep. As an example, you could easily cook a 9-inch pizza. Or, if you are toasting anything, you could cook up to four pieces of bread at the same time. It’s not huge, but it will cook most individual meals.

A Few Issues

I would be lying to you if I said the Space Maker toaster oven is without its flaws. Firstly, this beast can take up a lot of electricity if you leave it plugged in (due to the display always being on). Secondly, the control panel can be a little complex and difficult to understand.

It’s as simple as this: if you want to mount a toaster oven under your cabinets (because this is its best feature) then go to Amazon to purchase the Space Maker.

Alternative for the Space Maker:

BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

Check the price on

The Toshiba Vacuum Pressure IH is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. It includes 7 Pre-programmed settings, Quick Rice feature, Keep Warm feature, 2 delay time options, and removable large steam vent.  This rice cooker is perfect to cook white rice, brown rice, mixed rice, and short or long-grained rice, oatmeal, porridge.

Alternative #1: Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven

Breville Mini Smart Toaster – unavailable currently

If you are only looking for a countertop toaster oven and could care less about mounting it elsewhere, then I have some spectacular alternatives for you. Up first? The Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven. As a warning, you can’t mount this under a cabinet because it needs clearance for heat. However, the digital display and programmable functions are much more advanced. There is a function dial with eight different pre-set cooking functions, along with a control panel that is much easier to navigate. Inside, there is a little more room for food; as well as a non-stick surface coating. This is amongst the elite of any toaster ovens that you will find. The only reason it’s not my highest recommendation is because I am fond of the space saving of the Space Maker.

Alternative for Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven:

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven

Check the price on

The Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven is temporarily unavailable, but this one is a great alternative. The Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven features 7 functions such as: air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, Warm, toast.

Alternative #2: Oster Large Capacity Toaster Oven

Oster Large Capacity Toaster OvenCheck the price on

Once again, I present to you a countertop oven: The Oster Toaster Oven. Without a doubt, the biggest feature of this oven (as its name indicates) is its large capacity. A 13-by-9-inch pan can easily be inserted into the interior; which gives you plenty of options when choosing what foods to cook. Much like the Breville, this appliance has a very eloquent digital display. On it, you will find functions for broil, pizza, toast, bake, defrost and warm. One of the few issues with the Oster is its questionable clock. For whatever reason, there have been times where the clock will completely change times from day to day. Not a huge issue, but something to keep in mind.

Alternative #3: Black & Decker Toaster Oven

Black & Decker Toaster Oven

Check the price on

Black & Decker is back on this list, but I don’t think this one is quite as good as their Space Maker. However, it’s a suitable replacement. Much like the Space Saver, the interior can properly fit up to four slices of bread and a 9-inch pizza (but not at the same time). On this version, there is no LCD display. Instead, it has old-school knobs that can change your temperature, toast settings, and keep-warm function. It’s understandable how small this oven is for the price you pay, but just be aware that this is not a toaster oven that will cook huge meals. This is great for an individual, not a family.

One Reason for the Black & Decker Space Maker

I am going to be honest with you, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the Space Maker is not the best toaster oven available. However, I recommend it over the others because of the under-the-cabinet mounting capability. It still has other great features (such as the creative design, amount of cooking options, easy installation and digital display), but the aforementioned mounting capability is clearly the reason to invest your money in this. Boys and girls, I can’t put it more simply than that! If this is something you are heavily interested in, go to Amazon and you can buy this space saving toaster oven.


Since the BLACK+DECKER Space Maker Toaster Oven is temporarily unavailable, the best alternative option that is currently available is the Oster Large Capacity Toaster Oven.