Best Mini Cake Pop Makers in 2019

What a delectable treat cake pops are. For those of you who don’t know, they are a form of cake styled as lollipops. They give you the terrific flavor that cake provides, without the hassle of baking a full cake. The best part about them, though, is that you can create them in the comfort of your own home with a mini cake pop maker. Today, only the best of the best will be outlined. Keep in mind, though, that these aren’t in any particular order.

Best Value: Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

In general, mini cake pop makers are not devices that are going to “wow” you with features. They do exactly what they are designed to do and nothing more. This isn’t always the case, but most of the time it is. The Mini Cake Pop Maker from Babycakes, for example, fits that to a tee. At one given time, you can create up to nine cake pops. How you make them, though, is up to you! You can add any cake mix you want and, for extra flavor, you can also frost them or candy-coat them. Of course, you can also make other delectable meals (such as bacon cheddar biscuit bites). The baking plates are non-stick, but you should still spray the holes with oil (or butter).

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop MakerThere is only one issue that you will run into (unless you get a defect); the power cord is very short. This is not an issue if you use it directly next to an outlet, but sometimes that’s not feasible. So, often times you will need an extension cord to make it work. Functionality-wise, though, there are no complaints as this machine is fantastic.
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Second Best: Disney Mickey Cake Pop Maker

If the name didn’t give it away, this is a cake pop maker that is designed for Mickey Mouse fans. The outside of the machine actually has a Mickey Mouse emblem on it. Inside, the cake pops are designed to result in Mickey Mouse heads. This is absolutely perfect if you have children that are huge Disney fans as you will be the life of the party. You can create up to four Mickey Mouse heads in one cycle, although it’s advertised to make nine cake pops. When you’re filling up the holes in the machine, the rubber feet prevent it from slipping. When you are finished using it and want to store it away, the cord can also easily be wrapped around.

Disney Mickey Cake Pop MakerNothing wrong can be said about how the Disney Mickey Cake Pop Maker bakes, but there is one glaring issue that needs to be addressed. For whatever reason, if you hate Mickey Mouse then the design will make you sick to your stomach. Clearly, this is designed for your younger children. However, if the only downside to a device is the visual appeal (which is not an issue if you like Disney) then you know it’s well worth your investment.

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Third Place: Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

Babycakes makes their way back on this list. This time, though, they have a mini cake pop maker that does much more than make cake pops. With its three different interchangeable baking plates, you can also make donuts and cupcakes. However, with this many plates, the choices only stop when you run out of ideas! What’s cool, if this does happen, is a recipe book is included with several suggestions. The great features of some of the other models (cord wrap and non-stick rubber feet) are also present; plus, a very convenient latching handle. You can think of this as an all-in-one pop maker to account for lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Babycakes Multi-Treat BakerFor the first time, we’ve reached an entry that has some legitimately concerning downsides. First of all, changing the plates can be very difficult at times. This is because of the way that they latch on. Considering you may be interchanging them frequently, this can become a huge annoyance. Due to the thickness of some of the plates, the bottom half will cook a little faster than the top half. It would have been nice to be able to flip the machine over because if you want to cook the top half more, you risk burning the bottom half.

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Fourth Place: HCP Cake Pop Easy Roller

The last entry on this list is a little different than the ones that preceded it. This is designed to create the mini cake pops, but not to actually bake them. It’s made out of food-safe plastic and at one given time can make up to 21 cake pops at once. The roller comes with 1.25-inch inserts to ensure that each one of your balls will be equally sized. Don’t think that this is a robust piece of equipment, though, as it is compact enough to easily fit in the smallest of kitchens. In one hour, you can easily create dozens of cake balls. After the hard work is done, you can place it right in the dishwasher.

HCP Cake Pop Easy RollerSure, you could say that a downside is this doesn’t cook the cake but it’s designed for rolling. A true downside is a cake will lose some of its flavors when rolled (it won’t taste like traditional cake pops). Due to the fact that the rolling process is not affected by it, you can put the icing on them to add additional flavor. All in all, this is perfect if you want to make a handful of cake pops for a get-together. In a shorter amount of time, it will create more balls than the competition.

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Just remember, when you are looking for a mini cake pop maker you are not going to find too many that are technologically advanced. This is not a bad thing, however, it’s a good thing. The developers don’t waste their time on useless extra features and focus on making the highest quality product possible. All of these are fantastic choices and you can’t go wrong with any of them.