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Taste Maker Mag began as a simple project made out of sheer love. I had walked many walks in life, through many a career path, but my love for cooking remained steady through all of it. I wanted to share it with everyone.

I was glad to help others who shared my passion, I took delight in helping my friends learn to cook. Soon, I found myself being the one giving all my friends cooking tips and tricks, telling them which products to buy, and I thought, what if I spread that knowledge further?

I noticed there was a lack of proper, quality content for people like me when I just started out, who were enthusiastic about cooking but didn’t have all the necessary skills to do it yet, let alone enough information for it. This caused my resolution to teach people.

I didn’t know what to do, or where to start, but I decided to go for an online website/blog, the one that later turned into Taste Maker Mag. I started right off the bat, the first articles on the site I wrote personally, but afterward, I decided to approve some expert-written content as well. This allowed me to garner many perspectives and opinions, and further improved the quality of our blog.

While doing this I learned people really needed the cooking and supplies tips that I gave out. I realized this interest wasn’t sparked merely by recipes or the finished product. I understood people wanted to know ALL about food, from how to cool it, to how to cook it and everything in between. This is when I started writing lists, reviews and increased our writing output on the website. As it grew, I understood I could no longer write all the content myself, so I let a few articles every month be published by world-renowned foodies and experts.

I’ve even moved away from exclusively meals and recipes. Today Taste Maker Mag produces content which takes up the entire cooking niche. We cover recipes, meals, recommendations, cooking appliances and much more.

Looking ahead, Taste Maker Mag aspires to bring you the highest quality cooking content imaginable. I want to show you that the website will justify your trust in it completely. I want to expand the breadth and width of the articles found on the site. As well as document my own cooking journey, and share with the public my findings of exquisite tastes. Our end goal isn’t very humble, we want to be the ultimate cooking website, one where afterward you needn’t visit any others to get a complete picture.

Our finale will be to give you a complete cooking guide. Taste Maker Mag will become a website which can follow you through your cooking journey from your first fried egg to your cooking at a 5-star restaurant.