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The Gentlemen’s Ball brought out Atlanta’s elite gay males to benefit AIDS Atlanta

If you met them out and about, you would quickly say that Gee and Juan are just two ordinary guys.

Both handsome, very unassuming and down-to-earth, the couple are quickly becoming two of the most noted gay males in all of Atlanta and they have absolutely no air about them. They will embrace you like a brother or sister and show love to support anyone who’s down to support a cause. The word is in Atlanta that most people who reach a certain status level look down on others. But not for Juan and Gee. They work hard to lift people up. For them, acceptance is everything.

This past Saturday Juan Sessions and Gee Smalls continued to spread their message of love, unity and inclusion, by hosting the second annual Gentlemen’s Ball at the Mason Murer Museum, a black-tie fundraiser benefiting AID Atlanta’s Evolution project. The ball brought out Atlanta’s gay males in droves for an evening of class and elegance. White, black, tall, short, old and young men from all walks of life joined in the celebration and were dressed to the nines. Hostess Eva Marcille of America’s Next Top Model captivated the audience and Broadway songstress Frenchie Davis capped the evening with an incredible vocal performance. Blue Flame Resources as well as the Food Network and Celebrity chef Alex Hernandez provided the night’s delectable cuisine.

The couple wore tuxedos with coral blue matching details, Juan with a coral blue bow tie and Gee with a coral blue scarf. Music wafted throughout the event as a sea of gentlemen mixed and mingled, took pictures, embraced each other with a great sense of brotherhood and appreciation to represent themselves at an event that was judge-free and fabulous.

“The Gentlemen’s Ball is about uplifting our community and letting the world know just how proud we are to be exactly the Gentlemen we were created to be,” said Juan and Gee, “It’s time to change society’s perception of us and that can’t be done until we stand tall in our own truth. Let’s all stand together!”

And it’s a sentiment that is now shared by the President of the United States who became the first President to use ‘Gay’ in an inauguration speech by stating “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law…for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

Juan and Gee who have been married for 3 years and together for five, expects to continue to host this event every year and expand it. Their goal is for all gay me to feel empowered so there are less occurrences of suicide and hopefully more males coming out as openly gay instead of staying on the “down low” and hiding their identity.

The Evolution Project is committed to the prevention of and education about sexually transmitted diseases and the lives that they affect daily.  They provide access to HIV testing and STD screening at on and off-site locations.

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