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@SherriEShepherd Introduces New Wig Line + The Secret to Maintaining Her Wigs

By Bernetta Knighten, guest contributor

Daytime Emmy Award Winner, author and co-host of The View Sherri Shepherd, is turning heads after teaming up with LUXHAIR and creating her wig line, NOW.

Regardless of your affinity for Sherri Shepherd, many know she’s notorious for switching up her look alternating from short pixie cuts to voluminous curls in an assortment of highlights. Now, women who are searching for an easy alternative when having the occasional bad hair day, can pick from Sherri’s 12 versatile wigs that range from caps to lace fronts.


Sherri hosted a meet & greet at the Beauty Masters Store in Morrow, GA this past weekend (April 5th) to showcase her new line of wigs. I caught up with Sherri to talk protecting your mane, her partnership with LUXHAIR and how she’s maintaining her fab new waist line.

Bernetta Knighten: What are some tips to properly take care of your hair under a wig?

Sherri Shepherd: Get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks. You have to get your split ends cut off to keep it healthy. I get a deep condition and drink a lot of water too. I can do it myself, but I like to go to the salon. There’s nothing like someone massaging that scalp, and making the blood flow!

BK: How is your natural hair underneath?

SS: I usually braid it or twist it up.

BK: How do you protect the wig so it stays looking fresh?

SS: I wash my wig in woolite and dry it on a pants hanger upside down. It keeps the style.

BK: What’s your favorite wig  from the NOW line?

SS:  My favorite is “Curly”. I like wearing it red because I love Janet Jackson. It’s my velvet rope homage to her. I love to add color. I wear the long wigs when I go out on the town. I love my Goddess waves, it’s my 3rd favorite. When you wear wigs, this is the chance to come out of 1B, 2 & 33 land. It’s spring, so let’s take a risk. Hair is like a new pair of shoes or a new dress. It makes you feel different. I presented at the NAACP Image Awards in L.A. this year and I went blond all the way! I had to walk around for a few days and embrace it. I wore it all weekend, and by time I got to the NAACP awards and on stage with Arsenio Hall, I was already confident.


Curl Intense lace front

BK: Can you curl your wigs?

SS: Yes, with a low heat setting. The hair is a synthetic fiber called Keralon™ that can take the heat.

BK: You are among great company with Tabitha Coffey & Daisy Fuentes (How & Wow Lines), How does your line NOW, differ from there’s?

SS: I love those ladies; it’s such a great combination with all three of us. Tabitha speaks to the professionals in the industry. Daisy has a lot of different hairpieces and extensions. I even plan to introduce a few hairpieces within the next 6 months. My first piece will be these adorable bangs that go great if you like wearing ponytails.

BK: Is your line only for African-American women?

SS: It is not; it’s for every woman. Actually when I go on QVC my line actually sells out with white women. That’s what I love about it, anybody can where it. I think people think just because I am black, that’s who I have created this line for, but it’s for any woman who wants versatility, a different look, or who wants something different after the gym. But I love that my African-American sisters are supporting me and buying my wigs as well.


BK: What is the difference between a lace-front and regular wig?

SS: I carry both in my line. The lace front has a sheer netting at the top that makes it look like a natural hairline. I suggest you take it to a stylist & cut to the hairline to get the perfect fit.

BK: Let’s talk about your Weight loss, what is your regimen?

SS: I do Zumba 3x a week. I add vegetables to everything that I eat. I triple the amount of veggies, cut out the fried foods, juices & soda. I also drink lots of water. I eat more chicken and fish and load it up with vegetables.  A great diet changes your mood. When people are irritable all the time, I’d ask them what are you eating? And they are probably not drinking a lot of water.

To shop Sherri’s wig collection, go here.

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