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Relationship Pot Roast

You wouldn’t cook a pot roast on high in the microwave, right? You wouldn’t  try to quickly cook something meant to simmer slowly, right?  Well, a relationship can be just as tough as a pot roast.  And relationships require a little more than a simple set and forget. crockpot Ever had a pot roast for Sunday dinner that had been started to cook early on the morning in preparation for later that day? It was tender, mouthwatering, and outright delicious right? Now imagine trying to rush cook that same meat. It would be tough and hard to digest. Apply this same process to your dating. When you meet someone, take the time to get to know them before taking things too far.  Take time to season your new union, let the oven pre-heat and cook slowly. date In the brown-nosing stage, everything your new mate does will be observed through rose colored glasses. Give your union some time for real life to set in. Observe how you handle life issues as a couple and determine if you want to make a go at long term. It is so easy to fall quick and hard for the idea of someone you “think” you’ve met.

So, invest in a dating crock pot and set it to low. You’ll be in store for a slow cook, but the outcome will be juicy and tender.

Ask Janine- Courtesy of ToyClosetNYC.com

About Ask Janine

Before we get to know each other, I want to introduce myself. I am the co-owner of an online/home-party adult toy novelty company. I have encountered thousands of women along this journey that began almost five years ago. I started out selling toys and other adult novelties at ladies-only parties throughout the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. From the first woman that confided intimate details about her sex life, to the many men that have asked me for tips; I've enjoyed every minute of this journey. I'm honored to be sharing with you. You're a new audience, so I'll take it slow; but hopefully we'll laugh and grow together. I'll be sharing relationship advice, sex tips and much more. You may not always agree, but please understand; I am just a girl with an opinion about a lot of things. So, I hope you grow to like the new column, “Ask Janine”. Janine, ToyClosetNYC.com
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