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Celebrity Lifestylist AJ Johnson Gets Atlantans In the Zone

AJ Johnson

In a whirlwind tour of Atlanta, lifestyle coach to celebrities, Adriene-Joi Johnson, or AJ as most folks know her, held an informative and intimate one-day session at the W hotel downtown Saturday March 3rd. Promoting the concept of a ‘better you’, AJ was happy to share information about her lifestyle, health, fitness, nutrition and spirituality. From 8am-3pm, she had a roomful of lifestyle enthusiasts engrossed in her AJ Zone! You could clearly see how much she is a supporter of healthy eating, from the nutritious breakfast and lunch served during the day. Also passed around were tasting samples of Akea products – a line of whole food supplements she swears by.

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During the day AJ was a ball of energy, being an interactive and intelligent host, constantly throwing out useful information, interspersing sessions with little fitness breakouts and even demonstrating how she makes her salad! Open to questions and knowledge at the same time, AJ threw light on techniques and tactics that have worked for her personally and that she shares professionally with celebrity clients and other members of her program, on how to renew, revive and rejuvenate yourself to achieve a ‘better you’. Participants’ interaction was a big part of the workshop. The day ended with some yoga and stretching and AJ was more than happy to take pictures with all the workshop attendees. You can see more about AJ and her work at www.theajzone.com. –Ruksana Hussain

Photo Credit: Jael Hardin

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