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Ben Carson: The man with gifted hands

An extraordinary man with an amazing gift

Ben Carson was raised by his mother in Detroit Michigan. When Ben and Curtis Carson were children they began to act out as a result of their parents separating. The more their grades dropped, the more their mother felt that she had to do something to help them. She became very strict with the boys. The only way they could go outside was if they finished their homework and they were limited to certain television programs. Being that their mother had only a third grade education, she couldn’t help them with schoolwork. She made the boys read so much that it actually became a hobby instead of a chore. Carson he often watched the College Bowl on television. Yale always beat Harvard and hence this sparked Carson’s interest in attending the school so that he could participate in the College Bowl.  By the time Carson made it to Yale, there was no longer a College Bowl team. After medical school, Carson became the youngest director at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Carson became apart of history when he performed the first surgery to separate Siamese twins.

Before the challenge was brought to Carson’s attention, he had already thought about the possibility of separating conjoined he just figured that the odds were stacked against him ever having to do so. Carson and a team of other doctors flew to Germany to see the babies and analyze the task at hand. The Binder babies were conjoined by the back of the head. The question was how do we separate the twins while preventing them from bleeding to death?

After two months of planning the family and the babies flew from Germany to have the procedure done. The 70 person surgical team worked 22 hours to separate the children. There was two of everything in the room to accommodate the two children. During the procedure everything had to be timed down to the last second especially when they put the babies in a hypothermic arrest and stopped their hearts. In 2002 Ben Carson was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The cancer was caught in the early stages. To this date Mr. Carson performs surgery on about 300 children annually and his hands are still working magic.


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